Red Man - a tribute to indigenous people
An adventure on the sea. Enjoying the pure freedom of sailing the Red Man.

I've always dreamed about having a sailboat. After selling my small 25' motor boat and getting a VHF and boatsman certificates I decided its time to go for my dreams.

All the experienced sailors did discourage me from buying a 32' sailboat even though I believe it would be a bit easier to learn sailing on a smaller rather than bigger boat. Instead I got an offer to buy a Beneteau First 42' sailboat, 4 meters wide with lots of comfort and tested on several long distance voyages (Caribbean among others). It was a great offer, I thought, and that is how Red Man came to life..

For me sailboat is a mean of freedom, you can just set the sail and leave for whichever place you would like to.

The name was chosen because I've traveled a lot to places where indigenous people still kept their original culture. Its a lot we can learn from those people even though most of them live the way people did in stone age. I named the boat as a tribute to those cultures..

So, what can I get here?

So far, there is a photo gallery available and I also publish notes from my diary in an online notebook. If you are into technical details, you can have a look at the specifications of the boat.

Latest news:
23.-25.5. 2008 - sailing around Sandefjord..
9.-11.5. 2008 - sweden trip - first trip this year with great weather and sailing indeed..
5. 11. 2007 - after couple of shorter sail trips to the fjord I decided it is time for RedMan for a winter sleep. I got him a nice cover for the winter and made all the work so he feels comfortable during stormy cold Sandefjord winter..
4. 9. 2007 - small party in the harbour to celebrate my 30 years birthday. Plus a short trip in the fjord, but noone really remembers where we sailed :-)
20. 8. 2007 - trip to Sweden with Zbynek, Petr and Brano. Check out notes and photos 14. 8. 2007 - photos from Skagen, Denmark and West Coast of Sweden were released
6. 8. 2007 - few Sweden/Denmark photos added
29.8.-5.8. 2007 - Sweden/Denmark tour

Greetings, David Lacina, the captain of Red Man.